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Ok, now this part requires an open mind. You have to open your mind and think of how the other person feels if you were them:

When you were born, you were born into a family of nudists. Now, the first thing you might think is "eww that's gross". But you are already living, already know just clothes. But since you are a baby, you are a blank disk. Anything can shape you from being a killer to being a superstar to being a executive office worker. So you get used to being nude all your life.
Ok, now this might seem a little weird since you are still thinking about yourself. You cannot relate anything that is so ingrooved into you. Oh wait!!!

Religion. Have you been a Christian all your life? A Jew? Can you imagine anything else? Are you so convinced that your God is the true God and your beliefs are correct?
YOU were raised that way. That is all you know. That's how somebody could relate this to nudism.

Let's flip this over.
You are used to clothes all your life and not nudism.
That was easy. So this is how green the grass is on the other side.
You might think ew becuase your parents didn't know how to explain all the sexual things at an early age, so...hmm...

When there's something new that you don't understand and you're kind of discusted (KIND OF) then you say what? Ew. Just like Homosexuality
Ok, so you guys think it's kind of discusting. IN YOUR MIND. But, what about the other person. Alright sirs it's ok for you to be nude in your own houses.
-We want more than that
--You have to understand it's discusting

Road block. Stop saying it's discusting, we already know you think that.

Read these quotes
Originally Posted by Potterfile1991
Here's on issue to discuss:

Summer. It's so frickin' hot, in the 90's already. Now is the best time to be nude, it feels so good and refreshing. So, if it was too hot, would you remove your clothing for comfort?
Other people arn't used to this. You might. But here's the thing I'm still not understanding...
Originally Posted by Apocalyptic_Storm
Now, what are we debating here? Do you guys want to have more colonies? Do you want it legalised so that people can be nude anywhere? Did you originally just want to see other peoples opinions on nudism but when people thougth it was gross, you stated that they didn't understand the point? In most of this thread, are you on a mission to help people understand? Or maybe accept nudism even though you might not want it in their or all communities?
Party one = Nudists; Potterfile1991 & Popo93
Party two = let's see...koler, *}Whisper{*, others? 0_o
Mediator = Not good for me to declare myself this, but what the heck

Originally Posted by Potterfile1991
Oh, another issue:

Social nudism. Is it o.k. to be nude with other people who are also in the nuddy? What limitations should be set in an everyone-naked setting?
Umm yes I belive so, as long as a group of people doesn't just hop on in-front of everyone.

Still, I'm not getting what we're debating here. Is nudism ok? Does party one want to spread notice about it saying nudism is ok? What does party two want to prove? That nudism should be banned?
Will the mediator find a boyfriend? >_< I mean--
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