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Angry Supporting the one you love

My girlfriend is going through hell at the moment, her father is dieing because of his drink and alcohol addiction. Granted she rarely saw him but she still in pain. I really am struggling to support her, i havent seen her for a week and i just got off the phone from her but we been sending about 10texts a day to each other.

She really does sound bad her mum is even talking about getting a doctor to pescribe antidepresent tablets. Im really worried about her and im struggling to comfort her. Im really worried that she might do something stupid, on the phone she said why dont i just throw myself of the top of the hospital but i made her promise not to on the phone, so that means she wont but how can i stop her from feeling this way, her pain is my pain i love her so much, we have sacrifised so much for each other, our reputations, friends, oppourtunities but we do it because we love each other and i relly dont know what i would do without her. Her mum and my grandparents are the only ones who seem to approve of us and we havent done anything wrong, except follow our hearts

Help me, please reply
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