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Default Re: The Drinking Age

Some people on this site are very mature for their age. See, most of the country (U.S) is very immature. Here- this might explain alot of things:

Since you were first born, what was the most enjoyable thing to do? Laugh.
Is laughing fun? Yes.
Now, do you like to masturbate? Couple of answers from different people: Yes, not alot, sometimes.
Is masturbating fun? Couple of answers from different people: Yes, Hell yes, when I do it yes.
Does that mean yes? ...Are you stupid?
Yes. Oh ok. Cool

Maybe that was a little too playful but still, here's the thing: fun. Why do people like their jobs (if they do)? Because their fun jobs (to them). Why do alot of people like funny movies? Because they laugh-- wait, flashback. Is laughing fun? Yes.

Our world revolves around fun. Sex is fun. Laughing is fun. Getting drunk, in turn, is fun. That's why people like to get drunk. But remember, alot of people are immature. People love fun, and you want some of it in teen years. In other countrys apart from the U.S, it's ok for somebody to be 16 and drink. But here, even if you're mature, you still have do what you did in the little classroom: Take the consequence of somebody else's action; i.e if somebody does something, it gets taken away from EVERYBODY.
21 is extreme, but most people are mature at that age so they won't get in trouble. Drunk driving is common. Even if you say YOU won't do it, somebody else would. So YOU can't. Suffer for other people's actions. It's sad, but it works.

Popo, you say that you drink alcohol in small amounts. Now, if drinking small amounts for everyone was allowed, then there'd have to be some way to meter it, to monitor it, to control it within your own home. Nobody can stop what happens in your own home; such as nudism. You can be naked and frolicing free in your house. But too much alcohol can cause poisoning; and that can be deadly.

So in my opinion, alcohol should not be allowed for anyone under the age of 18- 20 to allow maturity in
1, how much you drink
2, what you do after you are under the influence/how you handle yourself
3, how you monitor anyone else you're giving it to

Overall: People abuse fun. Maturity tames the urge.

EDIT: 18-20 (can't deside). Not under 18 to do anything with alcohol.

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