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Ok, now listen. Some people are saying ew and nothing else. If they do that, they don't even deserve to participate or help in the disscusion of this thread. But koler likes to argue -_- Plus, it's his duty to watch the forum he moderates because he was selected by an Administrator to do his job. This doesn't mean he has to participate in every topic in this forum.

Koler, if you don't like all the bold tags I used, you can remove them of course. But I bolded them to get my point out my way in my tone.

Now popo, try to scroll up and don't just reply to the very last post. Go back all the way to where you left off (which I did, at page omm 3 or 4 I belive) read and then post. Now, it's either you or Potterfile who answers my questions, but I'm not sure I even trust you.

P.S, you have 100+ posts congrats
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