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Originally Posted by Mirrorofthesea View Post
Yup, religion is fun for me. Praying to a god with burning candles, carrying out a ritual. It makes my heart race, it's a unique feeling. Learning symbols, new myths and legends, history and occult... it's the funnest thing ever for me. Plus, I genuinely love the earth, and praying to it makes me happy. I don't care if its all horse feathers- its fun, and has meaning to me.

I'm not generalizing atheists, I'm generalizing the collective mindset of human beings. "Religious folk and atheist alike,"
It's good to hear that you are comfortable with what you believe at least. What is Paganism? It's a religion that interests me but I've never looked it up for some reason. I too love this planet and the human race despite our faults. I mean, as far as we know, we are the most intelligent life in the universe and we should try and be more responsible with how we treat Earth because of this. ATM this is our only habitable planet, we don't want to fuck it up. Oh, and I didn't see the bit about religious folk. My argument applies to them as well I suppose.

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