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First of all, I'm a pagan. You know why I believe in religion?
Its fun. I acknowledge that religion is a self indulgent thing. I know that there is a possibility that none of my gods exist, and that I am delusional. My view: Who cares?
I believe things because these things make me happy, make my life less mundane, and it's like a hobby. I don't understand why people feel the need to know the truth all the time, when lies can be so much more fun. It might be seen as delusional, but those who pretend that they can prove anything with no proof are delusional. Religious folk and atheist alike, tend to attempt an impose their personal reality unto others, which is quite frankly ridiculous.

Life is too subjective, too undefined to apply laws that are absolute truth, because theres is no such thing as truth. The end. <3

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