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Default the drinking age

The drinkign age her ein the U.S. is 21, in every single state, although each state can have an independent dirnking age, the federal government forced the 21 age by threatening to take away intersate funds form any state that did not comply. When people are kept away form something, it becomes taboo, or a forbidden pleasure. As soon a speople turn 21, they start drinking like crazy getting drunk every night in college. If they are exposed to small quantities of alcohol when younger, it wouldn't be a forbidden pleasure. I know that personally, I've been allowed a bit of alcohol since I was 7, whenever my parents have a drink, they let me ahve a sip, I don't get tipsy or anything, just enjoy the taste, and at this point I have it so often that it's no big deal, even though it's in very very small quantities. There would need to be some laws on amounts, parental supervision, etc. etc., but what do you think about the drinking age and it's effects on society?
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