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Default getting thinner...

My dad doesn't mean to call me fat.
well technically, hes never really callen me fat, but he says things that i take the wrong way.
"is that your stomache i see hanging out tegna?"
shut up dad.
"it doesn't matter how much you weight, its how you look"
SHUT up,dad.
"Well you may have been that size last june, but your most certanily not that size now *looks at my stomache*"
fuck you, dad.

i find myself eating less and less.
not pn purpose really, just sub concencely (not spelled right).
but then i wieght myself constantly (have always doen that)
and when it shows i've lost weight well..lets jsut say it doesnt ruin my day.

even my dads girlfriend has noticed (who i hate)
asking me if i've lost weight (me replying with "i dotn know..)
and telling me i look pale.
some of my friends have said a thing or two also.

its not like i never eat, in fact i wouldn't call myself anerexic, really.
i used to be anerexic in gr.7 but that was then.

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