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Originally Posted by shy boy
because I know that if you don't have a large penis, your nothing, you get laught at.
No. You really think people will laugh at you? It will be more of an awkward. But please check the "size matters" sticky. It has some very intresting facts about size and that's why I suggested it be stickied
The worse that can happen is a guy says "haha look at your small penis".
But guess what? You have a penis. It's yours and you should be proud of it. If it isn't that big, don't worry, it will definatly get bigger. 16 is late, pretty late, and puberty ends for most EVERYBODY around the age of 21. So you have 5 years man! You could have a major growth spirt and probably grow to be twice their length!

Originally Posted by shy boy
but where i live..if you haven't gotten or gone through puberty your nothing.
That's bull crap. You have hair, so you're going through puberty. Everything on your body grows at different rates at and in puberty.
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