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Unhappy Late?

OK..I'm 16 and I'm worried..I was here I think last year...and I was told I was in stage 4(I believe)..well i have pubic hair, underarm hair,..but where i live..if you haven't gotten or gone through puberty your nothing. So I'm wondering IF i couldn't get puberty??? I'm not sure if this could happen?? But also a girl has been trying to hook me up with her friend and I have been turning her down, because I know that if you don't have a large penis, your nothing, you get laught at. So i was just wondering is their a limit untill u can get puberty. I've did some reasearch and I found out that 18 should be the lates.

But above all I'm worry that I may be a late blooomer
Can anybody help me with some REAL facts???

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