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Default Re: Nude Aint Rude

Originally Posted by redcar
whats wrong with seeing a guy naked? is it because you are st8? like i am gay, and i wouldnt run and shield my eyes if i saw a girl naked. like being naked as said above is not sex or anything sexual. like when people say things like that i come to two conclusions, that they are either insecure with their own sexuality or that you dont want people to maybe think you could be gay. which i think is bullshit, from my own experience the most str8 guys i know are the ones whoc ouldnt give a shit being naked around another guy.
Yea I agree Alex thats like being terrified of the guys changeroom which is just retarted
i'm straight
I dont care

and koltes right
you guys are arguing to have...what you already have!
I mean honestly
thats just redundant

and a hot naked girl IS a turn on
its a FACT of life
you can do your high and mighty moral crap all you want
but when push comes to shove
your no diffrent then us

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