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Default Re: I indeed do have this so-called ADHD

I'm not so sure ADHD is a hoax, but then again alot of people have the I guess that it's kinda like a habit. I'm trying to defeat ime being unable to focus by just wanting and trying to listen in class. I have a goal, I want to be a cool smart kid

I don't think you should take anything...I used to take all this stuff but it made me carsick (and yes I've had Ritalin before). My mom took me off of it because she was scared of having all of this stuff in my system.

Set a goal to yourself. Not a really big goal that's like 20 years in advance, but maybe cool kid, smart kid (not geek) or trying to avoid pills 0_o

Just try and try. It's hard, really hard. But it'll pay off. My mom is on some meds such as Prozac, and she says she can't get off of it
Not many other people can get off of it either if they've taken it for a long time.
These things can make you super-great or super-not-so-great. Plus, I don't think it's a good idea to use an excuse to stop learning...See, our mind has brain cells. If they die, they're never coming back. The reason we learn is

1) We can keep those brain cells until they stop remembering all of the stuff we learn in school and remember little things in adulthood such as fixing a tire, doing bills, a skill in a job ect.

and B) We can relate to some things. By learning history you can think about how they resolved a war ect and use that in your everyday life (i.e. little wars with other people). Or reading a book and then being able to read a manual and understand it better.

Sorry if
Originally Posted by Apocalyptic_Storm
I don't think it's a good idea to use an excuse to stop learning...
^^that offended you. It probably would tick me off a little

P.S nice sig
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