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Exclamation I indeed do have this so-called ADHD

But what's wierd is, I'm calm and quiet! Well, loud sometimes. But I actually feel happier because it gives me an excuse of why I don't pay enough attention. I'm actually starting to think that ADHD is just something made up or exaggerated (sp?) to sell medication. But alas, my mom wants me to get on Ritalin. And what makes my mad is that the power of Ritalin is very strong; to disable and eventually shrink the brain. It differs little in its destructive effects from cocaine and the amphetamines, and is fast becoming the drug of choice among addicts in high schools and colleges. Kids in middle schools and high schools who are required to take Ritalin daily at school are now selling their pills to their friends who want to get a quick fix. I think it's really stupid my therapist suggested Ritalin. What pill should i use? I know ADHD is a hoax, but I need to do it to please my mom. Please answer!

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