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Default Re: I want to, but not right now

Aha!! That's why you want abs fast! Still, I think six-packs are overdone a little... Besides, if she umm kissed your penis...Then she was totally flirting with you! But she kicked you in the nuts? Hmm...

I say you go for it. You said you kissed and cuddled...and you had a great time. From what you said and how much you said you enjoyed it, I think she enjoyed it too.

It might not screw up the friendship if the friendship turns into something more. I say try it. Ask her out man! You don't have to call it a date exactly, but just "wanna go the movies" or something. Have a good time with her. If she had a good time with you then it's probably going to work out.
I mean c'mon, she's kissing you! Flirty
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