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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by JoV1 View Post
Is it weird that when I masturbate I move my hand all around my cock (on the head, the shaft) and and not just slide it up and down and twist it, I have a motion with my hand that could be compared to well... I don't know... If you know what I mean... yeah...
Any way that works for you is just fine, a bit of variety keeps things interesting in my opinion.

Originally Posted by swimmwe guy View Post
last night i couldnt sleep and since i seep naked i got the urge to play with my self i was laying on my back and when i was about to cum i pointed my penis towards my abs but i shot really hard and got cum all over me and my sheets and pillow but i got some in my eye does that cause any eye problems
I've never heard of cum causing any eye problems, if it did there would be a lot of blind porn stars out there.
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