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Angry Holy Shit, my friend is way too needy

Obviously this isnt about anything sexual or bf/gf kind of thing but i felt it belongs here since it is a big one (relationship) none the less

ok well im talking to pretty much my best friend that i will call J. well he can be a really fucking emotional and controling person and i feel like he thinks we are married. When i hang out with other friends more then him he gets mad and always wants me to blaze with him when i never do. hes not the brightest kid but im a very understanding person so i can forgive him. I dont even know what i should do anymore because i feel like he was a big part of me alienating myself from alot of old friends. He always gushes his heart out to me and tells me everything.

The more i think about it the more he has influenced me in a way. i never went on msn during lunch before because i was usually with other friends. but now almost every lunch that im not with him i talk with him. This is just the straw that broke the camels back for me. so im just calmly telling him he is being really freaky and controlling and that i will talk to him tommorow when he has a clear head........

what should i do
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