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Default Forget about religion being enslaving...

I found this while cleaning out my "My Documents" folder today. I didn't write it, and I have no clue who did, so mad props to whoever did.


Information is power. And I wrote this to share the information among oblivious people, mainly students and parents who don’t know the serious damaging affect school has among young minds. Like AIDS, the virus of school spreads assiduously.

Government wields the power to coerce people into attending school. In fact, according to Canadian laws if your child doesn’t attend school the police can arrest and fine you. Why must the government lock kids in cells and teach them subjects of little value? And in the process the kids get so bored that they turn towards consumerism as an outlet for relief.
Why must they bog the kids down into trivia subjects such as trigonometry that has very little practical use to the average citizen?

Because they government needs dumb adults. That is the prime reason! And some more points such as: to create an economy job balance; to indoctrinate them to automatic obedience to anyone in authority; and for control and order in the state.

We know that knowledge can be a dangerous weapon. If you read your history books, knowledge is only reserved for the elites and the peasants have restrictions to what they know. Knowledge can help you build a computer or tell you how to make a fertilizer bomb, how to invest in your RRSP and bonds. Knowledge can be trivia or practical.

The kind of knowledge the government wants you to know is trivia. Bog down your lives with rampant consumerism, gossips about celebrities private sex lives, the scores of the hockey game, television .. And they do this in a subtle way called school.

What better way to create dumb adults then snatch them away from their parents while they’re still kids -- and their minds still empty -- and program it with whatever they want.

In behaviorism, the scientists believe that your mind is like a blank state. A white piece of paper with nothing written on it, and that they can program you to do whatever they want. And at what age is your mind absorbing all the information, where you start to develop character and moral values? Why, when you’re a toddler. And that is why they snatch you away from your parents at a young age and send you off to what they call kindergarten.

Of course, its no conspiracy. The government isn’t “out” to get us. And this is by no means a conspiracy theory. What I’m talking about is actual events in history that shape our lives and the government’s needs to carry out their agenda (which I’ll tell you very soon) and this is my view.

So if you’re curious why kids who attend school can’t read and write, and why you’re bored of out of your mind because of the tedium of school and why they’re so much stupidity in this world perpetrated college educated adults … read on.

The underground history of schooling -- what they don’t teach you at school.

Did you know that prior to 1900s, attending school was never mandatory. For the first time in history the US government made schooling mandatory for the kids. And who proposed the absurd idea of locking up kids for twelve years in the name of education? Why, the owners of mega corporations, of course! Powerful men with money and political clout in congress. People such Henry Ford, the billionaire owner of Ford. The rich oil baron, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, the steel mutli-millionaire, J.P. Morgan, the king of capitalist finance and many other rich men who had the same dream: the dream of making workers … mindless drones who are obedient to authority.

If you were to live in the 1900s, you would be your own boss. You were educated by your parents with practical subjects such as math, writing and reading, and throwing in science and history if you were interested. You would work on your own farm or do whatever you trade is (whether it’s a merchant, a black smith etc), not be a slave to the nine to five work clock. You were your own boss; not a slave to a faceless corporation.

And you’re asking, why? Why must they do this school thing? Because as we made the translation from agricultural (farming, raising domesticated animals) to the Industrial era where people are used as worker ants to mine coal and work in factories.

These rich, powerful men saw that there was a need for an army of mindless workers employed under their command. They need miners and factory workers to make them even more filthily rich.

So in 1914 these mega corporations persuaded the government to enforce the law of mandatory schooling under the context that forced schooling would be ‘beneficial’, to create a more educated population … right? Somewhat. They also threw in their own agenda, too. Such as propaganda (your history book isn’t accurate; the American history book has many facet and the one you read in school contain propaganda), indoctrination to varies things such as obedient to authority and believes (which I will get more into)

So there you have it. A brief history of schooling and how it was conceived.

Propaganda in school

People know little about this but subtle propaganda posters are posted around school. If you take a good look, you probably find some. Propaganda by the government. For example, one school I visited featured the salary ranges list. A list of jobs for university educated people and the salaries. And another list for high school educated people. Logically, the university degreed person makes substantially much more money then the high school person. But guess what? Its propaganda for the students who are reading it. Why? Because it tells them what they can and cannot do with their future.

I looked at the occupations for the high school diploma poster and among the things I found are: dish washer, fast food server, factory worker … and I almost laughed by head off. But its saddening for young minds who truly believe that if they don’t attend university, they might, no, make that will, flipping burgers and serving food. Why? Because the poster sets a paradigm to what or what they cannot do with their future. it’s a secret that the government and the school doesn’t want you to know that anyone with people and management skills can become a manager and make sixty thousands dollars a year instead of flipping burgers and making minimum wage. You want an example? Frank Abegal (I got the last name spelt wrong), an ex-con man became a hospital director, a airline pilot (even ought he didn’t fly the plane), a lawyer assistant all before the age of twenty four … and he didn’t even finish high school! (if you want to watch the movie of his true exploits, its called ‘Catch Me if You Can”.

It’s a fact that there is a limited amount of white/blue collar jobs in the economy. Not every one can become an administer, senior adviser or CEO. There needs to be someone at the bottom of the corporate ladder … that is why school purposely church out dumb adults each year to fill in that need. The need for factory workers, construction workers, low level clerks and dish washers and front counter help in restaurants. I respect and appreciate the people working in these occupations and they are doing their best to fill in the need in society, even ought they get paid slightly above minimum wage. Not a conformable life as people who bounce balls around or slap pucks with sticks, but a living none of the less.

Of course, more propaganda exist in the text book, in the so called educational videos and by the words and ideas the teacher espouse in class. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Psychological molding -- respect authority. Now.

A tactic the school teachers like to use is threatening and tampering with your future. They, too, have been indoctrinated at teacher’s college to response to certain situations.
Have you ever heard of the line “Its your future. I’ll see you flipping burgers five years from now.” They’re using a subtle method of forcing you to do whatever they want, whether its reading a book or doing homework. It also serves another purpose: to make you obey anyone in authority. Now this is really important as people live in big cities there need to be law and order, or else things spiral into mayhem. And this is down by brain washing kids from young ages … by the time the finished high school, they will respect and obey authority without questions.

Have you ever watched the TV show called “Cops?” I’m sure you have. And for those of you who haven’t, it’s a reality show about cops making arrest and the related. I watched the show often and only once I have seen a person used their Miranda rights and he was a black man. When the cops ask the suspect questions, they would answer, with every question ending with ‘sir’. And usually they would incriminate themselves or provide vital clues for the cops to arrest and charge them.

Only had they remained silent that they could have gotten away. From example, police cannot search your car without a warrant. Except in one exception, and that is if they see guns or drugs in your car so then they can search without a warrant. In most cases in ‘Cops’, when there is a traffic stop and the police wants to search the car, they would ask the driver. And most of the time they would waive their rights and say, yeah sure, search the car. And guess what? Cops would find firearms and drugs and they would get arrest.

Which brings me back to my point: school indoctrinate you to obey authority without questions. It used to be your parents that you obey, follow their orders. But since you end up at school more then the time with your parents, your teacher becomes the central figure of authority.

Of course, some adolescents would naturally rebel and do not want to submit to authority. But of course, they’re helpless because school have procedures to break you down and make you submit. Like a dog, you will follow your master’s orders. You’re familiar and probably experience the test procedures yourself. First, they would make you stand outside in the hall … then detention … then being interrogated with the principles. Then suspension and expulsion if things go bad. This is enough to keep students in line. Like sheep that follow the tone of a bell, students will be docile and obey the teachers when they see the teacher.

KGB and CIA interrogation tactic in schools -- my personal account

On one account I had an unpleasant experience of being sent to the office, which I hardly never do because I keep myself in line and obey the teacher. I talked to a vice principle because I was sent to the office by an over zeal surrogate teacher who wants to assert his power over the class and sending to anyone to the office who doesn’t want to do their work (a cross word puzzle for a grade 11 honored class. What a joke) but rather talk among themselves. The vice principle used interrogation tactics similar to those employed by the KGB and CIA.

She would close the door so I was closed out from the world (disorientation of the prisoner). There was no clock on the wall and the room was very plain, with no painting on the wall and little furniture (this gets the prisoner’s sense removed from the external world and confuse then. They lose the sense of time) and there were no windows. She kept asking me questions, such as ‘what happened’, ‘what did you do’ etc but I kept replying: ‘I choose not to waive my constitutional rights. I wish to remain silent”. This went on for half an hour and she kept looking and talking to me and wouldn’t let me go . As ought she had all the time in the world (another tactic: time factor. Which gives the prisoner an illusion of little control of the environment.) After years and years of school conditioning me, I found my legs shaking uncontrollably. I used all my discipline to abate the shaking, but it wouldn‘t. This was because my body was in automatic reflex response because it was in a ‘fight or flight situation. It sensed that my body is in danger, which in reality it wasn’t but my brain thinks it is because of the school conditioning.

One hour passed and I still didn’t give it. It was one hour when I glanced at my wrist watch but it seemed like ten hours because time slows when you’re in the room with little outside factors. And then the vice principle transfer me to another vice principle to continue the interrogation. After one and a half hour latter, I finally gave in. Like a prisoner of war, I break down so to speak.

Her: Tell me what happened.
Me: I was doing my work and the teacher told me to show what I’ve done.
Her: And did you?
Me: No … because …
Her: (interrupting me) why haven’t you showed her the work?
Me: Because she was
Her: (interrupting me again) No, it wasn’t because of her. Why haven’t YOU showed her the work?

She kept using this tactic -- power assertion over prisoner -- for another half an hour. For some reason, I found tears rolling down my cheeks. Like a sinful child, I confessed to the priest. I was scared -- not by her physically, but the imagery power she wields. I know she couldn’t harm me or nothing, but I was still scared. Like a kid who imaged that there are monsters under the bed, I thought the vice principle wield nefarious power over me (she can ex-spell me or hold me in office as long as she want. Hell, she could even make me come over the next day and wait for six hours and I couldn’t do anything about it)

Rampant consumerism and school

School teaches consumerism in a very indirect and subtle way, but I was able to catch on. How? By teaching boredom. They teach subjects and make it very boring so students can arrive at a premature conclusion that life itself is very boring, and that the only way to relieve is through entertainment which leads to consumerism.

Not to mention the fact the school advertise to students. That’s right. Some schools post advertisements of the name brand CK in the boy washroom, near the urinals. They have also posted advertisements on school roof tops, so the passengers on planes passing by can read it.

When its not blatant, its subtle. Notice the various vending machines strategically stationed around the cafeteria, the gym, the hallway … have you ever found yourself buying a soda even when you’re not thirsty? it’s the subliminal message at work.

Math questions also involve consumerism: How much interest does Joe pays if he brought a CD player on compounded interest at 9 percent for six months? I found that question on the Personal Finance math book. Various other consumerism questions also exist in the text book, such as investing in a cottage and buying a boat. If kids at taught that owning one of these ‘toys’ is the norm, what makes you think they won’t purchase one when they become adults?

Consumerism also spreads by means of placing you with other people in the same age group. If a few popular kids wear a certain type of clothing, it will spread. This is called conformity. From clothing to CD-players to Ipods to certain type of social behaviors, it spreads and spreads until everyone in the class room is inflicted. How you ever noticed slang? “Dip set” was popularized by G-unit and now ‘cool’ kids embed it in their vocabulary. Perhaps its human nature that people are sheep, without the benefit of wool and meat.

Confusing the kids -- making them dependent on authority.

School also teaches you to be confused. Yeah, that’s right. They purposely try to confuse you, and that the only way not to become confuse is to consult with someone in authority. Someone who is specialized and has some paper hanging on the wall called a diploma. Trust yourself to complete strangers, they’re nice people because they have a degree.

To future confuse you, they teach subjects that are confusing. Have you ever wondered why they teach Shakespeare’s literature in every grade? The people who created the curriculum didn’t happen to just say, ’oh. Lets do Shakespeare. The kids will love it.’. No. The government inserted Shakespeare’s literature to confuse the students into thinking that writing and reading is a difficult task. That’s why they choose Victorian style English and complex sentences. This dirty tactic works wonderfully as it confuse the kids … and when the kids get confused, they think they don’t understand the literature and that they are dumb. And if they’re dumb and cannot earn an AP or honored English course, then they cannot attend university. And if they cannot attend university, they won’t make the big bucks …. And their lives are ruined.

Same thing goes for math. The learning material is so compressed that you need more time, but they won’t let you so you need to learn really fast. And for those of you who are slow learners, well, we are sorry. You’re not going to make it for university and then you’re going to flip burgers. I’m not sure with the US system, but here in Canada you need at least one university math -- if you don’t have one, you cannot enter university, regardless of what you want to major in … even in English.

Its an obvious fact that the average citizen doesn’t need more math then basic arithmetic, and throw in some fractions and percentage with that. You don’t need to know trigonometry or geometry for every day learning. Hell, I bet you even our current president, George Bush junior can’t even solve a simple geometry problem. But school forces you into the notion that if you don’t know how to solve trigonometry or geometry problems, you’re labeled as unintelligent among your peers and that your future doesn’t look too bright.

Did you know that England’s current Prime Minister, Tony Blair didn’t even attend college? That tells you how much the school lies about the importance of grades and what it has to do with your future.

But of course, you couldn’t blame it on the teacher for this incessant brain washing and propaganda; they’re just out there trying to make a living, raising a family and paying their bills. The real antagonist here is the system itself that the clever people in the government created to church out dumb adults.

Hidden agenda in the school report cards

Have you ever wondered why the school report card is formatted numerically? Why are your grades percentages instead of, oh say, a pass or a failure. If you carefully inspect the report card you’ll see the hidden purpose behind the report card: that it rigs competition among your peers. It creates this imaginary social status: those who get good marks are rewarded, while those who are failing are giving the label of idiots and dumb kids who couldn’t think for themselves when we know this is a dirty lie.

The school repeatedly send out the subtle message that you’re dumb everyday, in forms of quiz, test, homework completion check marks etc. Do the work they five you, no matter now confusing or trivia, and they’ll reward you with stickers and check marks and positive comments and acceptance.

To further intensify the imaginary competition among students, they have ‘honor rolls’ where you get to earn a piece of paper with the principle’s name on it (he doesn’t even know you) with a generic message of “good work, student name”. If you look objectively, the prize is just paper with ink but it’s the social status attach to the paper that gives it meaning. Oh, look. I got a piece of paper from the school … I must be more intelligent then my peers. As one famous scientist said: creativity cannot exist in formal schooling.”

But it goes even deeper then this. Since the teacher has the prerogative to assign your whatever marks he wants (and believe me, he can. If he abhors you as a student he can mark your essays and tests in a fastidiously way, which can result in lower marks) there is this imaginary power that he wields, his status. For the semester, he is god of the class room. No wonder I see someone people, especially this girl kissing his ass. You have to respect and obey him because he is the central authority figure, kind of like your mother or father when you’re a toddler. But he doesn’t give you anything, like caring attention, food or a home to live in. All he provides you with is a credit, and he can threaten you with a pass or fail. I seen teachers use this blatant threat so many times that its absurd.

Now imagine a few years from now when you’re off to work at whatever occupation that you’re employed in. The power that your teacher once holds is transferred to your boss, and instead of threatening to fail or pass you, he will simply fire your ass. You’ll probably obey and kiss ass your boss too, not because you’re afraid of him in a physical way, but because of conditioning from the years of schooling.

Physiological molding in school --- your mind is a blank state …

What I’m talking about is the behaviorism theory. You see, Christopher Lasch, a behaviorist helped the elite riches into creating a curriculum and institution (school) that mould the students psychologically, into a child like state of mind. Your body can grow and wither away, but your mind can be mould and changed. What the elite riches want, then, are adults with a child-like state of mind. Why? Because it keeps them form knowing to much -- its better for the dumb adults to stick to gossiping about celebrities sex lives and keep the scores of the hockey game then say, learning how to create complex stock manipulation or protest against the government’s hidden agenda.

Frederick W. Taylor, a man who’s family is among the elite rich from the early 1900s, saw there is a need of mindless army of working men and women as we had the translation of agriculture to the Industrial era, which mainly prize coal as the prime source of wealth. Frederick Taylor wrote In Principles of Scientific Management in 1911:

An insistence on cooperation, not individualism. An fixation on maximum output. The development of each man to his greatest productivity.

So basically he tells the world that the ideal factory work at the time of the coal era needs to become a drone like everyone and not his individual else; and that he should work for the ‘maximum output’ which the company benefits, not him since he works for an hourly wage.

John Watson said that in the 1930s:

Give me a dozen healthy infants well formed and my own specified world to bring them up in and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select -- doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief, and yes, even a beggar, regardless of his talents, his penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors.

John Watson, for your information, was on of the member of the committee board design He was a behaviorist who think people should be managed in order for the state to have law and order. That is why we have laboratory style class room. A human rat cage suited for brain washing. If you attend a modern school, its most likely that each class room is a cinder block and that there are little or no windows. You’re trap in time because there is no outside factor to distract you, in which this class your mind is ripe for brain washing.

Another factor is boredom: if your bored, your mind is empty. And when its empty, the teachers and their teaching material can read inside of your head and program your minds.

You have become like Polvac’ dogs. Polvac is a Russian scientist famous for his stimuli experiment. What he would do is this: he rings the bell to offer meat to the dog. The dog would smell the food and salivate. He repeats this several times … the dog has been programmed. Now he doesn’t need to offer meat for the dog to salivate any more -- he just rings the bell. This is the same thing done with kids at school now a days. In fact, it has been done since the beginning of forced schooling. If you talked in class, the teacher would stand up and accost you (which is the bell, if we are going to compare this to Polvac’s experiment.) And you would like in trouble (the meat). Now, the teacher does this several times … next time, he doesn’t even have to threaten to send you to the office. By simply being in your presence, the teacher remains you sub-conscientiously that you could get in trouble which keeps you in line at school and later in life.

In fact, it is school and conformity that cause people to wait in line for hours at some busy office … or else they could have just marched up and be in front of the line.

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