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Default I want to, but not right now

Ok me and my friend stephanie have been friends since 7th grade. Now all we do is cuddle, hug and even kiss. ANd the last week has been the most romantic and funnest week i have had with her. I felt her up and she gave me a hj, and we made out. I want to ask her out but she is crushing on another guy. So yesterday we went to the movies and he came along. So all they were doing was talking during X3( which was great) So then all they did was hang out. So when he left. WE went to a park and just sat there talk and kiss.Then i asked her is she liked the guy. She kicked me in the nuts cuz i kept poking fun at it. Then she kissed my penis. Then she gave me a hug. and i felt her up while we were huggin. So my question is, should i ask her out? Cuz I relly like her. But the thing is, if i do ask ehr out, if she says no, would that screw our friendship up?
Im not sure if she likes me, should i get an ambassador and ask her if she would go out with me? Thanks for ur help.
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