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Default What does she want?

Hi me and my girlfriend have been together for a month now and we have been very close friends for about 2years. We have been through so much together and always stood by each other but we still some how manage to have a lot of fun.

My problem is i dont know what she wants. She has been out with 3 other people before but she says that i am the only 1 who she has loved from the begining (she loved her 2nd boyfriend but wont admit it) because of how we came to know each other and because of our close friendship. I said to her ''Im wanting something long term, not to be one of the others'' so she said to me ''I love you, i can honestly say i have never felt this way about anyone before and im looking for something long term to,...this time'' so i replied ''I love you to'' etcetra lol

Anyways i believe that she believes she is telling the truth but I dont know if she is being blind like she was the other times, although she swears that this time its different.

The other problem is that we have to keep it on the quiet at school because of our exams and because a lot of people will get hurt. We where alone in the common room at school once and i was holding her and touching her, a teacher walked in, i let go and we both blushed and the teacher just started a normal conversation. Anyways people have started to suspect us and i think the teacher might have said something to some of the kids and now one of my best friends (her ex) is edgy round me and i dont think he can look me in the eye anymore.

Another thing is she keeps saying ''I dont wanna do anything til after the exams,'' im sorta worried as to what that could mean. I mean its not that i dont want to go all the way with her, just not yet, you know what i mean, i mean touching, kissing and that is different. I really do think that what we have is special but i dont want to ruin it by saying something.

What should i do, she is really unstable at the mo her dad is dieing and to be honest im not either my grandad has got Alzheimers disease and he sorta stept in as my dad. I dont think either of us could get by without each other but i cant stand worrying about what she wants.
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