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Originally Posted by Dreamer - X View Post
Science is a religion, but unlike other religions, this one seeks after the absolute truth.
The lab is like a temple to a scientist.

If you say 95%(or something) scientist are atheist and skeptics, that's a false statement.

They believe in something, and that's nature(not naturalism) and its phenomena and whatever of secrets it hides(which by it self a phenomenon).

They are bound to their labs, bound to their research. What ever they are writing with their works using pen and paper, they are writing nothing but holy scriptures to be given to the present-day and near future aspired researchers, scientists, engineers and doctors.

I won't elucidate any more, it is more than clear in what I am trying to convey.
Good point. I think if I had to choose a religion then it would be either Buddhism (it's nice and peaceful unlike some religions *cough* Christianity and Islam) or simply Science. But I don't have to and I have been an Athiest since I was 13ish. I used to be a Catholic but I started to question stuff.

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