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Default Re: Nude Aint Rude

Nudist isn't all about sex, though. You can look through a good nudist website like ClothesFree and all the pics of people enjoying naturism are very non-sexual. Actually, it's the fact that people wear clothing that makes nudity sexual. What if you saw breasts or penises all the time? It wouldn't faze you, in fact, it'd be so normal you wouldn't think anything of it. So clothes are a perversion, not nudity.

But I am not saying the world should be clothes-free, I am just saying that nudity should be taken more lightly.

Plus, what harm does it make if children see an adult naked? When you're a child, you seem to know that nudity is O.K. but as you get older, the adults in your life brainwash you to believe it's bad.

Also, if, let's say, you went into your backyard which let's just pretend was fenced to sunbathe a bit in your B-day suit, and your neighbor happened to see you naked, get totally offended, and sue you, that would be a perfect example of an anti-Democracy.

To finish off my argument, I leave you with a quote said by Corky Stanton:

"Sure, some people might believe they are offended by nude bathers, but, if you never encounter anything that offends you in your community, you are not living in a free society."

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