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Default Release of the Da Vinci Code Film

Anyone seen it?

I have to say that for a film adaption, it did the book justice.
The main plots to the story were there; the humor, the facts were well presented.
Although it missed out some sub-plots that would have made the story easier to grasp, the film was a good adaption in my opinion.
A friemd of mine went with me. She hadn't read the book. But I gave the blurb of the book, so she could gain an interest. She said that she understood the film, even though at some moments she was a little confused!

It was a good adaption, but I am inclined to agree with some of the critics on some points. This critic does say some things that are true; regarding that the film was more of an action, the role of the only female was quite dominated by the other actors etc...
Overall it was a good movie and one I would recommend to those who haven't, couldn't be bothered, or wouldn't read the book, so that you can see what the fuss is about...
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