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Default Re: Shower with best friend.

He didn't fill out his profile and he's banned so we don't know how old he is. Anyway I think it's hard to belive that he used white buttery churn. I just think that's kinda strange. I don't even understand the question but here it goes:
You're probably not gay. The story is still unbelivible to me, because you got into a tight squeeze but you fell to the floor? Or, you almost fell onto the floor but he caught you, and you were in a buttery mess? Nobody comes out that much!
If this story is true, you're probably not a gay person. I don't use curious often but you might be curious. If you know you like girls and stuff (I wouldn't know that feeling -.-) then you're either straight c or bi. Don't ever worry about one experience. If you want him more then talk to him, because he sounds like a caring guy []

I think the best way to make sure you're gay or bi or not or whatever is to see who you're attracted to. If you think guys are hot and you don't like girls, then you're gay. If you like both, then you're bi. If you like girls, hot bods, big asses and breasts, then your straight. But think about it. Really think about it. Do you like girls, or rather you've been exposed to so many straight men or straight TV and not enough gay things that you don't even think of it 0_o. If that's the case then your mind hasn't even thought about gay things, and always straight things, and never really thought about liking girls, only that it's the primary thing there is to your understanding.
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