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Default Re: Shower with best friend.

I think you should call him but can i ask how old are you? I think from what you said he likes you. I have an incline that you like him to, well you where holding each other and no offence but who are you trying to kid using the water/gas bill as an excuse LOL. Not to mention the fact that you where naked in a shower with him through choice and that he got into a shower with you while you where naked. I think you should talk about what happened he is probably as edgy as you are. I think ou should see each other some more as friends and if you become more then friends there is nothing wrong or sick about it, even if you like girls aswell, just dont lie to yourself do what will make you happy and accept what you are. The sooner you accept it the sooner you wont care what homophobes say. I f i have got the wrong idea and you are not gay or Bi im sorry. If you are unsure sort your friendship out first then see what transpires from it. just remember it is an experience may people go through. and i dont think you are strange.
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