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So I am a 16 year old and I am ending my sophmore year of school. I'll explain the whole story between my girlfriend and I.

In 8th grade, this girl from school instant messages me on AIM for the first time. I've known her ever since the 7th grade but really didn't pay attention to her because at that age, i guess i didnt imagine myself in a relationship. We start talking but mostly on AIM and then one day, she kinda hints at me that she wants me to ask her out. I did and all was good. However I don't think I was ready for a relationship. See i live in a family where my parents are divorced and my grandparents took my brother and I in. My grandmother in particular, is very over protective and I really dont get to leave the house unless i tell her every specefic detail, that is why I am so unsocial i guess. And because of this, my girlfriend wanted to break up since i really didnt hang out with her much, i mostly just talked with her on the phone and chatted with her on AIM.
However before my 8th grade year ended, we went out again but at the end of my vacation, I found out I was to be attending a different high school from her(keep in mind, i live in hawaii, so distance isnt a problem, it was just because of the fact that i wouldnt see her regularly so we broke up again), I originally planned to attend the same one as her since it was in my district. Lets skip to my sophmore year since we really didnt keep in touch in freshman year.

In my sophmore year, she IM's me and asks "how i was doing" and asks if i had a girlfriend in a teasing matter. I told her i did in a joking matter and as we started talking regulary again, I told her i was joking with her. She was suprised but at the same time happy because she asked me to start calling her again. (meh i couldnt get another girl in my new highschool, i missed her too much since she was my first and i didnt have much friends at the new school).

To stop boring you ima skip to my question i wanted to ask. Its been about 2months that we have been going out, only been able to go on like 1-2 dates in those 2 months but i kept her hoping as i am so close into getting my driver's license and would be getting much more freedom out of the household. My question is, should i tell my grandma and my family about my girlfriend? I have a older cousin and she blames his girlfriend for his declining grades and she always bring this up to my brother and i. Thats one reason I'm scared of telling her. But if I can tell her, I hope she'll probably let me go and do stuff with her but at the same time I am scared that she will take it bad and not let me do shit. please help me ><, I dont wanna lose her again, i love my g/f wayyyy toooo much.

(Another reason is my twin brother, he is a pain the ass and i know he will make it a living hell and talk shit about her if i ever told him.)
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