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Default Re: Uninstalling IE

You never did say your computer was infected, but evidently, if you cannot get rid of this entry, it has to be. There's no other explanation - something is doing it, something keeps making it come back, right?

And don't worry, I didn't take offense, I rarely do get actually offended, however, I do like to make a point. Now then, have you checked your inbox? I'm trying to help, but it takes two people to have a conversation

Oh, and by the way, the image in your signature is cool, however, it is a bit too large. Avatars and signatures should not horizontally stretch any table on any theme. The Forever Blue (default) theme only has about 500 pixels horizontally for each post (the rest is for the side panel and margins). Please resize or crop that image so it will not morph the horizontal dimension of each post. Thanks

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