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Default I wrote this today

I started this today but the farther I got into it, the more I hated it. I figured I might as well post it in here since I'm not gonna finish it. Who knows? Maybe someone will enjoy it...

Is it wrong to care for others more than for yourself?
To put all others' hearts upon a higher shelf?
Is it bad to make sure others are happy and alright
While you just waste away without putting up a fight?
Can it be wrong to sacrifice everything you've got
just so that others get everything they want?
Can it really be bad to forget all your dreams
just so that others can be as happy as you seem?
I don't see how it's bad to care as I do
because all that I do, I do for you
I'll be in pain for the rest of all time
If you will be happy. Let me see you shine.
If it means you'll be happy, I'll do it, it's true.
If it makes you smile, I'll do it for you
I really don't care what happens to me
I'll live my life in complete misery
As long as you'll be happy
and smile for me.

Like I's bad. It's also not finished and probably never will be. Sorry if there are any errors.
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