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Heres the thing, freedom. Freedom means choice, you are supposed to be able to choose what you see, read and hear, but you aren't. It's regulated like evrything else because people don't like being offended, but freedom also means being offensive. Choice is the ssence of this country, and it's not there all the time like it should be. People should be able to choose if they want to wear clothes, you can choose to not look at said people if you find them offensive, but because it's offensive, its illegal. Think about how crappy our country would be if anything offensive were illegal?

Another thing, don't give me bullshit about health. How do you think we lived before clothes? If you notice, nudists take the common courtesy of putting a towel down where they sit. Also, you think we don't have any common sense, obviously you're going to wear something in a kitchen, and I'm not even saying that it as to be allowed everywhere, but if you open up some public places, then we'll be happy, and it will also allow us to show people how we really are.

About laws, it's technically legal to be naked, ina non-sexual context, but because you weirdos consider nudity in itself sexual, that gets innocent people arrested and charged for sex crimes.
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