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Default Re: Processing Speed.

I will have to disagree with you kiros. When i used clockgen i upped it till the computer locked up and upon rebooting i still had to reset the CMOS and go through everything. Also, using the CMOS can save you from a screwed up OS from not shutting down properly. Another reason its better to use CMOS is the options it gives you. Clockgen gave me no options except to raise FSB and vcore. While im in the CMOS however i can adjust memory timings and many other things to perfection. As for the OS telling you what happened, with my specific motherboard, and probably many others, if i try to boot an unstable OC then it will tell me and automaticaly reset the CMOS is i have it set to.

You will probably need to make multiple guides anywaybecause P4 and Athlon XP/64 OC'ing have numerous differences.

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