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I agree being nude is comfortable, nothjnbg really to constrict you. Being naked in your home or a nudist colony is fine. Noone can really stop you. BUT, it should only be confined to those places.

first of all being naked in public, could have some serious risks, there are so many airborne bacteria out there, that can go into sensitive places like the urethra( i think thats what its called) or the vagina, so there is a cause for alarm when your health is being jeaopardized.

As others put, I wouldnt want anyone serving me food naked( unless my wife or gf , whether they be fat, skinny, old or young. That is just nasty.

and as for the bumping into one another thing, you can get crabs by sitting on a toilet seat, so im sure u can get it if u bump into someone in the wrong area of the body.

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