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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

Originally Posted by Nexdeus
Okay...i geuss you got a point but i men if you dont like smoking dont go there imean if its about your health then is the food really that good or is your health more important

and if you think they are forcing you to breath in smoke then what about you forcing them to smoke in a designated area i mean even though your choice is healthier what about their choice
finally sombody gets what the hell I'm saying.
you see, if the owner of the bar has the choice,..... *we don't call bar's pubs in america (burn)* .....owner of the bar has a choice, then nobody is comprimising.
the non smoker knows that if they go there, there will be smokers.
they still have a choice to not go there and enjoy a meal and or drink at another establishment.
if the government forces it, then smokers loose rights.
so this is a win loose situation one way.
and a win win situation the other way.
should smoking be allowed in bars etc, then the non smoker doesnt loose, because he can still go there, or somewear else.
if non smoking is inforced, then one party wins, and the bar owner and the smoker, loose.

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