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Originally Posted by Void
this is an example of petty ness.
Are you starving, being raped, are you serioulsy hurt?
Maybe you should take off your headphones that are screaming green day and do something to to contribute to society,
how the hell do u think u can just go and say shit like that?!?!?! u have no idea what its like to cut ure wrists and like it!! u dont know that it takes u away from the shithole u might call ure life!!! i may be new, but cutting is an ancient topic 2 me.... i know more about it than ull know in ure entire life u ignorant fuck.... and maybe some ppl stay out of ppls way to contribute 2 society.... so show some fucking intelligence and think about it.... and billy joe gd, if u need 2 talk, im here 4 u.... even though ive never met u
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