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Default Re: Processing Speed.

If you need any help with that OC guide kiros you can ask me, ive been around and around with this A64 OC'ing it.

Anyway, when you say have a low pressure in the case, if the air is flowing pretty good then a higher pressure would be better as the air would conduct heat better. But ya, exhaust > intake.

NEVER use and windows app to OC. Always use the bios. I tried using clockgen and when it hit unstable and locked up it gave some errors on startup that normaly wouldnt be there on an unstable boot.

Im assuming you have an older P4? With P4 when you overclock you want a higher clock speed with RAM also, even if it means a higher latency. The opposite is with the A64, your better off with lower latency than clock speed.

Download a program called SpeedFan and Prime95. Run the P95 torture test with small FFT's and tell us the processor temp using SpeedFan. P95 torture test will be the way you tell if your overclock is rock stable.

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