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I used Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9. I got to it before Corel took over, and I trust Jasc quite a bit, so that's why I haven't upgraded to Corel Paint Shop Pro X. Anyway, another feature of Jasc is compression of JPEGs (and just about any other kind of image that uses compression). My JPEG at a YCbCr of 4x4 2x2 2x2 at 99% compression and progressive layout without Exif data (it won't take that long to download, I promise ):

OK, get this... The server just wouldn't accept the picture... My own computer couldn't recognize the JPEG code! The only program that could decipher the image's compression was Jasc PSP 9. Now, the compressed original of the image above was only 2.64KB while this one is up to about 10KB. This is because I actually had to open this up, and save it to another JPEG file using no compression (with 1x1 YCbCr), standard format, and with the Exif data still attached - this was the only way any computer could actually recognize this hazard But jus for the heck of it, let's compare:

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