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Talking Greetings from beyond the grave!

I'm just you're average little, uber-paranoid, quasi-intellectual psycho-nerd living in the 5th circle of Hell (commonly referred to as Southern Louisiana) who has WAY too much free time on his hands (almost a criminal amount to be honest ), a psychotic fondness of RPGs, d20 Modern, Mages, Hermetic/Cosmic-Type Magic, chainsaws, revolvers, Dark Elves of all types, manga, books, and at least a dozen other things I can't remember right now! Yeah, I'm a freak and I know it. Hell, I LIKE it! If you haven't surmised by now, I am a big time nerd who has no idea what the hell he's gonna do with his life, but hopefully I'll have everything figured out by the time I'm forty. Hmm...what else is there? Well, I can't think of anyways to may fun of myself at the moment, so, so long and thanks for all the fish!

I'll give a cookie to anyone who can guess what my screen name is referencing

"There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt."

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