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Default should Iran be allowed to have nuclear weapons?

Why shouldn't Iran be allowed to have Nuclear weapons. In a world where at least Israel and the US are threatening to invade, and the US still includes the use of tactical nuclear weapons in it's battle plan, shouldn't a nation have the right to defend itself in anyway possible. In a world where the US is giving nuclear material to India (who refuses to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty) why shouldn't Iran be allowed to have them? In a world where the US saber rattles at non-nuclear Iran while staying close friends with Pakistan who sold nuclear material and technology to other nations (like North Korea) and treating North Korea with kid gloves, it seems like having the ability to unleash massive destruction is the only way to prevent invasion.
I understand, and am concerned with the concept that a nation run by a radical theocracy is very likely to misuse these weapons. But how can the US condemn Iran for having them while at the same time making more itself?
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