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Default the electoral college

According to Plato: The condition of democracy, is an enlightened electorate. In other words, a council, well versed in learning and ethics. Rasied away from the corruptible human influences, these Guardians would be fed censored information, because people should not be exposed to certain things until their intellectual immune system in strong enough to handle it= toxic culture. (feel free to comment on this part, as I know this raises a few issues). These enlightened individuals would choose the best suited leader for the state. Obviously such an incorruptible council isn't possible. Other Plato readers have agreed that the conditions of a true democracy is in fact an enlightened electorate... Bringing us to America's electorate college, here to ensure that the ignorant masses do indeed make "the right decision". (Bear with me, I know I'm being incredibly subjective). So it can be argued that America has never had a true democracy, because of that system, and the fact that the voting-age population has never been compleatly literate. New York State, as well as other states, are still being operated under what can be best classified as Educational Apartheid. And the federal gudielines for literacy is anyone who can A) read a menu at a restuarant B) read the ingredeant label off the back of the product etc. So this finally brings me to my question: What do you guys think? Should we have an electoral college or not? Would we, be better off or not? Feel free to go on a tangent.
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