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Smile The Stranger-Feedback appreciated

I'm seventeen years old today,
I heard the stranger say,
While looking through the mirror at her,
I felt heartache, sorrow and shame,
She didn't look so happy,
Like she did when 4 years came,
And I couldn't help but wonder,
What had caused the drastic change.
So I got a little closer
and looked deep into her soul,
The line that once held black&white,
was now a tarnished gold.
Is this the girl I used to know?
I heard another say-
Mommy's little angel? Daddy's little dream?
The one with all the patience,
the tender loving heart?
Who'd give the shirt right off her back,
and never break your heart.
The voices rang on and on,
As tho she were not there,
Telling stories of what used to be
and all the love she'd shared.
Then a voice out of the distance
As tho a million miles away,
Asked whatever happened
to the girl of yesterday?
AS the tears began to fall,
and the memories clear they came,
she remembered where it started,
this slow but painful change.
She was only thirteen and thought she knew it all,
Her heart was full of love,
she'd soon show them all.
But once the seed is planted
it can only grow-
And soon you have a tangled vine
that feeds on "I told you so"
Some of us don't see it
until its way too late,
then start looking for an exit
thinking we can just escape
But the only way to stop,
this rollercoaster ride
Is by looking in the mirror
Into the strangers eyes.

I bet you're in a bar
Listening to a cheatin' song
Glass of Johnny Walker Red
With no one to take you home
They're probably closing down
Saying, "No more alcohol"
I bet you're in bar
'Cause I'm always your last call
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