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Default Shit..Another girl

Okay guys, Im in deep on this one. There is this girl, and she has liked me for like 2 years now. She has developed physically alot in 2 years, and she is pretty good looking. Also she is real fun to be around, but for the past 2 years I have told her I didnt like her. But now i have been thinking about it and i think i may like her. Been gettin butterflys in my stomach when i think about her, but the thing is... Im not too big on going out. Im only 13 and dont really think going out with anyone is like "true" yet. Anyways, im confused, so i guess what im asking is..

Should i fuck around with her, like touch her and kiss her and shit like alot of guys my age do, or should i just play it safe, innocent and just make her craving for me even bigger? Somebody give me some help, thanks for reading this, i needed to get this off my chest.
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