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Originally Posted by Apocalyptic_Storm
Your pubes may develop later. Everybody thinks that you should have pubes and be able to cum. During puberty the body grows everywhere at different rates. So really, the question is, what comes first? The chicken or the egg? Oops I mean The pubes or the cum? Depends on your individual development.
scientist have found that the egg came first ebcuse of eviloution and such but thats only if u belive in evalutino :$
^^^well that was extremyl off topic of me sorry

anyways like storm siad, ur body devlopes difrantly and at difrant rates.

live fast
die young
have a good looking courpse

dont question by them-me ...still thinking it throu so its like a work in progress and im giving u guys and gals a taste of what i can come up with

set ur mind to it...push ur muscles to the limit...and ur heart will find the glory- also me :$...not very good but i try
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