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Default Re: Processing Speed.

A radiator and two giant fans won't do you any good - you see, your computer needs quite a lot of fans if you even wish to overclock past 2% of the processor's speed. Here's what the fan setup should be:

At the very least, one fan in the front (though preferably 2) at the size of at least 80mm; at the very least, two fans in the back the size of 80mm or one fan the size of 120mm. This is crucial: whatever the setup, there must be a low air pressure in the casing, meaning there must be more air being forced out than air being forced in. If you have two fans in the front running at a higher speed than the two fans in the back, your case will have a high pressure and that will cause over heating. The CPU fan must be extremely good (not talking a cheap $20 - more like in the range of $40-$50) and you must apply the right amount of thermal compound.

That's just a small bit of it... though if you don't have all of that done, then theirs no way you can get past 2.25GHz without overheating.

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