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Default Re: Questions about your sexuality! (Survey)

Would/Have you played baseball? Yes, I love baseball/No

What is your age?[B]16[/COLOR]
Would/Have you ever compared with a friend?I haven't but I would.[/COLOR]
Would/Have you ever compared with a family member?[COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]Yes I have.
Have you ever accidentally saw another guys dick (Specify whether family or friend)? Accidentally...let me think....I don't think I have
Would/Have you ever been naked with a friend but havent done anything?I haven't, but I would.
Do you like to be naked around the house?Yes
Would/Have you ever showered with/washed (Please specify which one) a guy (Naked not in swimming trunks)?No, but I would. I mean, it is just a shower.
Would/Have you ever give another guy head?I haven't but I would. ONLY if he returned the favor.
Would/Have you ever let another guy give you head?Sure. it's a bj, who wouldn't want one?
Would/Have you ever sleep naked with another guy?I don't think I have, but I would/ It is just sleeping and we are just getting comfortable.
Would/Have you ever gave another friend anal?No. I doubt I would. It would have to be extreme circumstances
Would/Have you ever recieved anal from another friend?NO, i would imagine that would hurt. That only way I would it if during the extreme circumstances mentioned above, he let me give him anal too.
Would/Have you ever tried your own cum?Sure
Would/Have you ever tried another guys cum?No, IDK if I would or not. Probably would being that I would be open for a mutual bj session.
Would/Have you ever jacked off in school?Yea it was after school though
Would/Have you ever jacked off in a public place?LOL, yea on a school bus. I had a long ride home and I was the only one still on
Would/Have you ever looked at gay porn?Yes, I have.
What is your sexuality (Gay, BI, Curious, Straight)?I consider myself, Straight-curious

Sorry guys, haven't been on as much lately so if i don't reply for a few days it's not because I don't like you, it's because I haven't logged on.

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