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Default Re: Nude Aint Rude

Originally Posted by basketballkid92
That two naked people if they touch eachother that would be public sexual interaction... Which in some places is illeagl.
Only if they touch each other's parts, and if it's an accident, then it's not illegal, is it?

You guys are all acting like nudists want to eliminate clothes and have the world clothes-free.

1. We know that clothes have to be worn sometimes for hygeine/comfort/warmth, but when it's comfortable to be nude, at least in the privacy of your own home, why not just be nude? And for hygeine, in nudist resorts it's required to sit on towels. There's your hygeine.
2. It's just not fair to make everyone be nude.
Originally Posted by 2blonde4emailzz
I am perfectly happy with the nudists on their little colony. They can stay there, but as for everywhere, that's just disgusting.

Imagine walking and seeing a woman with an STD.
NUDISTS DON'T ALL LIVE IN COLONIES!!! Most of them DO NOT! Most of them are normal people who for meeting the first time, you wouldn't know they'd be nudists until they told you!!! Nudists who aren't in colonies, which are about 99% of them, stay clothed when they have to but when they can be naked, like at home and such, they get naked!

Nudists ARE NOT naked the whole time. Common sense people!! Nudists know they can't be naked in public and they accept that!

Most of this stuff is going wayy waay over some people's heads.

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