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Default Bullying: your worst stories

I used to go to a very poorly monitored pre school. There the older kids would pick on me every day. At recess, a big group of kids would always walk over to where I was playing. They always beat me up. The worst memory I have is when they forced me onto a tractor playset thing and then they pushed me down and held me in place. Then, a really over weight kid started jumping up and down on my back. I cried, it just hurt so bad. Imagine a ninth grader (this was also a daycare) jumping up and down on a screaming four year old while his buddies cheer him on and the teacher with relationship problems just sits there and pretends like everything is okay.
Anyways, that story leads me to today's topic: your worst bully encounters. Tell me about your most painful/tramatizing face off with a bully(s).
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