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Default Re: Cutter how should i tell

You know what i am very productive just because i cut dont mean that i sit on my ass all day and cut. I'm a wrestler, Soccer player. and i run track & Field, cross country along with alot of other sports.. and I spend alot of time with the police department.. so if you think that i just sit there and all day and say taht im worthless and all this other shit then your wrong.. but i have good support now even though it is summer i have 2 teachers phone numbers and 1 of our police officers phone number.. so dont say that im juust sitting on my ass and letting myself to keep cutting.. BECUASE IM NOT... and ITS NOT FOR ATTENITON like you fucking think.. Now if ya'll will excuse me i have to go help Officer ****** with something.. he is commig to pick me up..
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