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Originally Posted by koler
your missing the point.
i don't want to see you naked.
Who says you have to?

Like Popo said, you guys are missing the point. We don't want people to be naked all the time, everyone and everywhere. We are just saying that we wish people would acknowledge the fact that nudity is OK for comfort, and it's even supported by the Bible, so why's it so bad? And someone said that you'd get mad cold in the winter. Well, then you wear clothes. Nudists don't HATE clothes, we just acknowledge the fact that while clothes can be worn for comfort, sometimes it's comfortable to NOT wear clothes, and that there's no point in covering the human body, because there's nothing bad about nudity.

And people keep saying stuff like, "Maybey you should move to a nudist colony."

A) We're not 18 yet. And our parents won't move to a nudist colony just because their kids like to be nude.
B) Nudist colonies are pretty much where people move when they can afford to not have a solid career. Most nudists move there when they're retired or something.
C) What's wrong with walking around your house in the buff, and skinnydipping in your own or a good friend's pool (if they allow you to, of course.) And for vacations and trips, why not just go to a nudist resort or nude beach? It's not like one can't be a nudist unless they live in a nudist colony.

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