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Default Re: Nude Aint Rude

Originally Posted by popo93
Firstly, I would never ride a motorcycle, secondly, people have enough sense(or at least I hope so) that they should know that they need protection when doing something like that. About the shoes, I hardly ever wear them, and my feet have become leathery on the bottom. I stepped on a rose thorn, it went in, but it didn't hurt and it didn't bleed.

What the heck? Somebody please delete the previous post, I don't know what happened.
Firstly I love motorcycles

Secondly bout the foot thing....thats just grose
and I can run threw, walk on, stomp on a bed of shattered glass with my runners or hikers and not feel a thing

With the proper clothing I can survive the nasty cold i have to deal with where i live theres winters where it can reach temps as bad as -47c
the human body can't physically survive more then a few minutes in -20c
so temps of basically -50c....would present a problem

I can swim comftorably in freezing cold water with just a simple wet suit

more to the point cloths r just nice!!
to wear everyday ingeneral

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