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Default Re: Nude Aint Rude

dude theres not much to read up on...
cloths rule
they serve sooooo many functions its not even funny

using the we were born naked argument is pointless thats like saying we cant use any tecnology we've invented (computers, carsmedical equipment, weapons, can openers, etc...)
not to mention we used to live in trees and caves.....would you like to move into one of those humble abodes

i'm not saying theres something wrong with the human body
it is what has allowed us to become the dominant secies on this planet
its a beautiful work of evolution
that dosent mean cloths cant be worn

and you KNOW cloths work great for providing protection from the sun, wind, rain, cold, cuts and scrapes sum provide protection against bruising. They give you places to store crap like ur wallet or keys, etc...

i wonder what would happen if you fell off your motorcycle naked versus wearing protective clothing, a helmet and proper foot wear

because you know you were "born naked" so that means no shoes either

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