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Thumbs up Caught masturbating?

have u been caught?Tell ur experence here.Let me get it rolling

Well,i was at my sisters friend's house.I wanted spy on her as she always arrive home late.I came thorugh an open window wide enough for me to squeeze through.I went to my sis friend's room,linda,and hid in her closet to listen to their conversation.Shortly after,they came and started talking.NOthing really,just boys blah blah girls stuff...I looked around the closet and saw some of linda's panties....Lol i took one of them,whiped out me penis and started masturbating...Time go by,there was shouting...i heard unplesant words like ''whore'' and the door slammed shut.I thought they had left but suddenly the closet door opened..There she was,Lind staring at me!
I said,"ahh..hi?''She didnt react as u think u would!She started stripping,leaned down and sucked my penis...I was on cloud nine..Best ever sexual experience i ever had!
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