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Default Re: Nude Aint Rude

well considering we've been wearing clothing for thousands of years and were 6,000,000,000 strong.....i don't think pants hurt my "testicles" to much
the benifets far outweight the risks involved


add to that the fact that i am the most northern member on VT and clothing is literally a necessity
during the winter without it i can literally die in minutes
during the summer i like wearing cloths!!
cloths goood!!
not to mention its harder to get hurt such as a deep cuts, scratches, insect bites even minor animal bites (.....i was attacked by a muskrat once....dont ask..) if your wearing tough fabric such as jeans
protecting your body from injury

I'm not "forced" to wear clothing
I choose to
I like to
as long as were not downtown, at a school, mall, resturant, etc... i dont care if ur naked like if were at the beach in the woods, etc... have at'er i dont care if you do
just dont expect me to


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